Saturday, July 25, 2015

Book Description

In Escape From Mexico, now-retired Clyde Feegle is made a full partner in the detective/ protection agency of Bob Becker and Bill Hedden. Clyde and Josephine (Jo) Kelly (both introduced in Monster’s Palace) move into a new home, built on the Becker estate, that is the same design as Bob and Bill’s homes. During an electronic protection system installation at the home of Judge Wendell Suermann of St. Charles, an attempt is made on the Judge’s life.

Jim and Holly Scott lend a hand after the three partners are added to the hit list of the drug cartel when they thwart the attempt on the judge, and a call to Clyde from Mitch Melosi (also introduced in Monster’s Palace) asking for help, after his sister is arrested due to having weapons in the trunk of her rental car, as she tries to enter Nogales, Mexico.

Also in this book, a drug cartel leader going by the name of ‘Z’ plots to bring down Air Force One using a drone attack.